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"Our team of Doctors and Nutritionists create a Personalized and Convenient plan featuring three easy-to-follow phases that help you eliminate cravings, kick-start weight loss, and keep those pounds off - for life."


Prakriti Analysis

The protocol is based on the combination of an individual's unique Prakriti (indicates body type), blood group and health status (through blood test).

Personalized Advisory Service:

We believe in the buddy concept and hence dedicated nutritionist is assigned to take you through the program.

Adaptable to your needs:

We strictly follow a no starvation diet program. We take into account your individual food preferences and lifestyle. Hence, there are travel plan tips to eat out, balance out diets for any deviations.



Your own Personal Nutritionist who understands your needs and goals

Customized Diet Plans based on your Body Type, Blood Type, Medical Needs & Preferences

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Choose one of the following diet packages


(Pleasing to the Eyes; Beautiful)

3 Months

Alter your shape and appear beautiful.
Ideal for people who are looking to learn about healthy eating.
Minor weight loss required.
Minor or no medical issues.
BMI under 28.


(Without any Disease, Healthy)

6 Months

Conquer diseases and toxins of your body.
Major weight loss required.
Associated medical issues.
BMI under 32.


(Radiates Brilliance, Beauty and Charm)

12 Months

Infuse yourself with health and vigor and be at peak of strength, energy levels & agility.
Major weight loss and complete lifestyle change required.
Major health issues. For those who require continuous health guidance and coaching.
BMI above 32.

The best compliment was from my own daughter when she said "mama aap small ho gaye"
Beena Thakur      Cosmetologist